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Digital Art
I'm opening up commissions since I want points. Requests are no longer open (sorry!) so if you want me to draw something, it can only commission.

There IS a way to get a request, however I'm not saying. Close people would know.

But yeah, commissions!

Tell me if you want it shaded, colored, etc.


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United States
。★~As an artist, I was created to create out from my imagination into the real world~★ 。

Thanks for reading this page
That I made in a day
Cause everything that is on here isn't everything

I only had limited tools
To show you
About me and where I'm from in this thing

Let's start with my name, I'm Felix- Mr. Fuentes
I was born with this name but the real one was tested.
The day was the fourth of the beginning of the months
And then living out my life was pretty tough.
I started daydreaming and putting them down
On paper when I was just a little tot
My dad wasn't around with me for long
All because he did some bad things to my mom.
So growing up I had no real father figure with me
To help me play catch or play baseball with me.
I still miss ya dad, you're the only dad I have
But I'll be seein' ya soon when you come out that awful trap.

Going to school was a hard journey
I felt that all the kids were probably making fun of me
I had few friends and they weren't even real
They were fake
And that's when I figured out life ain't sweet as a piece of cake.
After some time being in that place learning how to add and subtract
It still hasn't taught me how to pay my bills back
School is useless to me
I don't want to go there it's just filled with bullies

Drawing was the only thing that I felt was soothing
It became a hobby and now I feel like I'm it's King.
You gotta conquer your talents to get ahead of this game
Of life since it's really unforgiving
But don't worry 'bout a thing love
I know you'll get the hang of it
It may seem rough
But damn you're a natural at it!
Going through the troubles and rumbles that it gives ya,
I'm surprised you haven't shown it to the door yet!

Now that I've become more social
(Even though I've been diagnosed being anti-social)
I've gotten a kick out of meeting new peepies
And I have even met the love of my life- I love you sweetie
I feel like that things have maybe gotten better
But life is still coming and making me feel bitter
I know I gotta stay strong
Because this world is filled with so much wrong.

With North Korea getting on our back
It's like we have to surrender or go up to it and attack
With homophobes and transphobes coming up the block
Us non-conformists have to face the deaths made of glocks
With mental illnesses making me feel crazy
I have to do something or they'll make me feel lazy and trust me
Those kinds of things aren't nice to have man
Don't even joke of them- are you laughing at us man?

Now I gotta end this before I weep
Because this kinda stuff is really hard to keep
To myself
And others too because I'm speaking for them
We need more help than you think we need
"Someone please help me!"
"Someone please kill me!"
We'll cry
All we can wish for better health
But we can't get it since we ain't made of that wealth

You need to stop this
You need to fix this
You have the power to make a change to do it!
Don't even feel like your useless
Don't even feel like your new to it
We all are going through some type of pain
Whether it's physical or mental- who's to complain it's all the same?

We can't deal with this anymore
Someone's gotta do something, it's not a chore
Damn it!

Thanks for reading this page
That I made in a day
Cause everything that is on here isn't everything

I only had limited tools
To show you
About the shit that we all go through

"The Shit We All Go Through" -by me


Skype: felixthemarian

Discord: phat beatsies#7548

Amino: MaskedChromadigm

Twitter: @Ch83Maskey

MSM Friend Code: 63038033LB

3DS Friend Code: 0061 - 3025 - 2487

PlayStation 3 and 4: Dulc31Luv

Xbox One: Dulc31LuV


please help me



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I’m back
Still feeling bummed, so I may not be active here so much.

I’m more active on Discord and Amino if you want to see me, but right now DA isn’t a place for me.

Maybe I’ll delete my DA, but I don’t know. It might have some use.

Woohoo. I want to cry.
I'm not going to be that active on here for a while.

Apologies if I accepted a request from you but right now I'm not feeling so good.

I haven't been feeling good or fine at all these past weeks.

Matter of fact

I was going to go away this afternoon

I was gonna go to sleep and not wake up

But at the time it wasn't right

I didn't have anything to help with the action so I had to drop it

But now I'm home

Endless choices

Many tries

Only one attempt will make feel okay

One attempt that will be forgotten by many

One attempt that will make me become dust

We're all gonna die one day

It's sooner or later

Sooner if you plan it

just right.
I'm seeing people be so productive with their art here and stuff and participating in goretober stuff and I'm here like

I uh

i apologize that I haven't been active

school has started so I may not be that active

also personal problems

im really sorry I'm just a bad artist
I got a twitter now woooo I think

@Ch83Maskey is meeee

My Twitter looks like traaaaassshhhhhhhhhhhh

:iconkiwi-cookii-kream: *cough* *cough*
Hey there! I just wanted to give a quick update for the people who watch or know :iconartzbelg511:

He's gonna be gone for a few days so he won't be able to post anything for a while. I hope you understand!

He'll be back soon, so don't worry ^^
So I got discord

im still new and very scared about this but I think I'll be okay

i don't know how to put my name here but find me as:


oh boy oh god so nervous--




Filename by MaskedChromey
Why do i keep having weird dreams involving people I know?!

its not only crazy, but it's scary because my dreams are.. usually eccentric.. then with the people I know on DA being involved it makes me wonder what in the fuck is going on in my head.

i swear sometimes my mind is not me.
TBH I didn't really enjoy the eclipse.

Even though I got to see 71% of it, it was still kinda boring :/
Fun fact about me:

If I laugh really hard, I start to cry as if I am actually sad. If I keep laughing and crying, I eventually have to throw up .-.

I don't know if that's normal or not, but I just thought of sharing it


I'm laughing hard

i just said to myself

"would you like some Benedict cumberbatch in your cereal?"

help meeee
Wow did it get bright

mr sun sun mr golden sun


Most of you know that I am starting something called Request Pile Pages. So I'd like to talk about them in this!

-What are Request Pile Pages?

Request Pile Pages are request-required rounds that I will start to occasionally do here. They are basically a page full of requests that people (like you guys) give me to fill it up!

-Can I submit my request?

Of course! There are rules though. Anything is allowed except fetishes (not that I am against them), hardcore NSFW (showing genitalia, orifices, sexual actions, etc.), very offensive discrimination towards race/sex/gender/orientation/etc., rape, and others that I am pretty sure you guys are well-informed not to ask me.

If your request is ANYTHING of the above, there are two actions I will do. I will either do your request privately and send it through notes or delete your comment in general. Please respect my wishes, don't force me to draw anything I don't want to. If it is NOT of the above and it's acceptable, and if I ask, please give a reference!

Most importantly, if your request is just plain, PLEASE describe it in the best way you can. Don't just say 'cat' if you want me to draw one. DESCRIBE how you want the cat to look and act, if possible. If not, I will ignore your request or ask if you could simplify it.

One request per person. Unless I make an exception!

-How long does it take for the my request to show if you accepted it in a round?

Depends on my current situation and the numbered round you've submitted it in. But I try to get it done as soon as possible. Don't rush me!

Try to get your request in the most recent Request Pile Page, if not, request it in the previous one or anywhere else. Hopefully I'll get to it.

-Hey! You didn't do my request! Why is that?!

Okay, so there could be many possibilities to that;

1. You've submitted it too late.
2. I never accepted it.
3. You've not submitted it in the correct place to do so.
4. I must've forgotten accidentally. Please note that many people request other things too, but there's a low chance of me forgetting it. Don't worry so much.
5. Your request didn't have the requirements for me to complete it.
6. I couldn't understand what you wanted me to do.
7. Your history to me, whether I dislike you or you are bombarding me inappropriately with requests.

There's probably more, I just can't think of them now.

-I have a request but I feel like you won't want to do it. What can I do?

Well my friend, it depends on your request. Note me about it if you have to! I am an understanding person, please don't be shy!

-How many requests can you do in a round?

As much as I can fit onto the paper! When I get a request and I accept it, I draw it into the page. If I cannot draw any more requests, I will post a status update saying that the request for the round has been closed and I will submit the page as soon as I can.

-You haven't started another round of a Request Pile Page, what's going on?

Well, I said occasionally, not all the time. I try to get one started when I can.

-How extreme can a request be?

I try to make my pages no more than PG-15. And if that doesn't help, go up to the 'Can I submit my request?' question.

-Do you do digital Request Pile Pages?

Hmm. Never thought of that. I might do one soon. I'll let you know when I do!

-How many Request Pile Pages will you do? Don't let it end!

Request Pile Pages won't end, they just come in breaks. Even if it seems like I'm not doing one, I'm getting it started!

-Hey! Someone stole my request!

Okay uh.. Did you submit the request before they did and I chose their's, or did you want to submit it but you couldn't and they had the same request? If this happens, please describe how they stole it. I'll try to solve the issue.

-I want to make a request, but I don't know what!

Okay. I see you have trouble with making a request, a lot of people do struggle with that from time to time. But please note, I cannot make a request for you to give to me, that defeats the purpose of a request.

-My question is not up here! Help!

No worries! Ask me in the comments down below and I'll answer it, then I'll include it in this journal.

It helps for me to have all the questions I can here. Don't be hesitant to ask, please!

*Thanks For Reading!*

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