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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"ᗩᖇT Iᔕ TᕼE OᑎᒪY ᗯᗩY TO ᖇᑌᑎ ᗩᗯᗩY ᗯITᕼOᑌT ᒪEᗩᐯIᑎG ᕼOᗰE" -TᗯYᒪᗩ Tᕼᗩᖇᑭ

Felix | Pansexual | Puerto Rican | Capricorn | Dating a Cactus




Hi there! I am Masked Chromey (of course--) and I am an EXTREMELY imaginative person who loves to draw, play games, roleplay, and talk to friends! I have been drawing ever since I was just a chubby little spoiled 3-year-old and it's been my talent for the longest time! In my spare time, I always draw what comes to mind or what I feel like I should draw! (°▽°)

I do a lot of traditional (paper and pencil) drawings, but I also do digital drawings as well! I rarely ever color my pencil drawings, even though I have a buNCH OF CRAYONS EVERYWHERE- but I just feel like I suck at coloring traditional art.. But with digital art I either just sketch (I hate how my art style looks too cartoony anime like ugh) or do complete drawings! ☆〜

I have maladaptive daydreaming (I constantly daydream and it affects my life both positively and negatively) so when I speak or write down words they could get jumbled up or even loud/captialized unintentionally because I have a lot on my mind and I doze off a LOT. It kinda makes my handwriting sloppy so I apologize if my words look unclear! If you want to know what some words in my drawings say, don't hesitate to ask me because sometimes I don't know myself _φ(・_・

I don't always do fanart, I do some original ideas as well! I have over 103 characters and over 8 stories that I have made in my life, but I don't really show them publicly because I don't know what others will think of them.. (cough I have Anxiety Disorder cough) But recently I have discovered My Singing Monsters and oh. my. god. I'm addicted. I love the game and especially the Wublins, because they're so mysterious, lively, and cute! My favorite Wublins are Whajje, Creepuscule, and Blipsqueak! ༄

So yeah, that's basically me. If you want to privately talk to me, you can note me or ask about my Skype! I don't bite >:}

Peace! (*☻-☻*)

 PfffFFFFFT-- part of a drunk conversation between a snail and a peacock rabbit


.: A L L M Y L I F E :.
Gift for my friend :iconflummyflumox:

I tried drawing in a Gorillaz style.. I think I did it???? I don't know

I'm trying to draw more digital stuff, but my iPad storage is jUST SO FU-

Gorillaz (c) Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett
Character used/Gorillaz self-insert (c) :iconflummyflumox:
Artwork (c) me

[Used with ibisPaint X]
Happy Birthday GioiaGDG!
I tried doing something different to my birthday art this time, and it came out great! (I think)

But yeah

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :icongioiagdg:







Thwangle (c) :icongioiagdg:
Thwok, Wublins, My Singing Monsters (c) Big Blue Bubble
Artwork (c) me
Oh my Peterson how long has it been since this??
Okay so

A year or two back I think, I was a big fan of Mixels and I did lots of fanart of it. I have an old account here on DA with my (cringey) Mixels art and stuff but I'm not gonna say the account. If you look hard enough, you'll probably find it. I know it.

I miss drawing these cute little dorks actually, they were cool. I'll probably draw more of them soon, but as of now, I'm thankful for the memories.

If this art style seems familiar to you and you're a part of the Mixels fandom with all the other Mixel fan Deviants, you probably know who I am and what my account is.

This makes me feel weird drawing this again, mostly because of nostalgia and moving on from the past, but that's pretty much what we go through as human beings soooooo yeah.

And um, I'm really sorry for the lack of activity here. Here's why:

A lot of shit has happened. First, it was my aunt's passing, which always makes me want to cry talking or even hearing about it. And then on my anxiety attacks have increased and I had to be put on medication twice a day because I have not one, but TWO FUCKING ANXIETY DISORDERS. TWO. DISORDERS. I felt like a crazy person because my anxiety makes me think of things and have unwanted thoughts which tear me apart. I get afraid of posting art or even messaging people because I don't want to seem as that one annoying ass little shit who can't stop being crazy on the internet and crap. I haven't been eating much, I've lost 5 pounds, I've had 4 needles pierce my skin, my unwanted thoughts make me want to stab tweezers in my legs, and I've just been feeling like a nervous and sad wreck for this past month and I hate it. I REALLY hate it. I feel alone a lot, but when I try to talk to someone about my problems, I get this voice in my head saying "DON'T SAY SHIT. YOU'RE JUST AN ATTENTION WHORE YOU FUCKING DEGENERATE. YOUR FRIENDS ARE ONLY YOUR 'FRIENDS' BECAUSE THEY FEEL BAD FOR YOU" and I get that voice a lot. It makes me cry, I make myself cry. Sometimes I don't want to deal with the voices, and years ago I contemplated suicide because of it. Now, I'm not getting those thoughts, I get them rarely, but they come back to haunt me. They always come back one way or another to shut me the fuck down.

But there's people here who have helped me. Like :iconkiwi-cookii-kream: and :iconflummyflumox: they helped me so much and I can't thank them enough, but again, the voices tell me to just be friendless and die alone so I don't bother anyone. I hate the voices so much and they make me feel like I'm crazy and no one will understand because my anxiety makes me think that they don't really care and I'm abusing their kindness or something even though I CLEARLY see that I'm not, the anxiety is just playing tricks on me. It's playing tricks on my fragile mind.

Um.. thanks for reading this. I guess. So now you know why I haven't posted much. Encouragement helps for motivation, but right now I'm just taking breaks from the internet a lot to calm me down. I'll try to post stuff so I don't upset anyone here, but it'll probably be mostly vent because.. well.. problems.

I know that there are others who have helped me, and once again I can't thank the people enough. Thank you all so much, you all mean a lot to me even if I don't know you on a personal level. I hope I mean the same way to you.

I may not post a lot of things but I'll still be active through comments and notes. Well I'll try to be active anyway. So.. yeah.. thanks and see you later alligators. 🐊✌🏼

Mixels (c) Lego, Cartoon Network
My monstersona (c) me
Whajje (c) Big Blue Bubble
Artwork (c) me
Small doodles
Tympa, Creepuscule, Whajje, Brump, Dermit, Pixolotl, Wublins, My Singing Monsters (c) Big Blue Bubble
Artwork (c) me
So I'm really bored right now and I'm thinking of some art ideas, and I came across this one.

If it sounds a bit stupid then I'm sorry, it's late over here and I'm just real bored.

You guys give me a scene from a YouTube video, anime, tv show, or whatever and I'll redraw it with the Wublins! If you want to give me a scene to redraw, then read on for what you have to do! So first, you'll need to give me a link/description to the scene. It could be a picture, a video, or story. Then you'll tell me which Wublin character(s) will be included and who they'll be in the scene. The scene can be slightly changed though, like instead of someone holding a gun it could be a banana or a puppy. Also, you can have the Wublin dress a certain way according to their role. For example, if Whajje is playing as a character whose a witch, then he can be dressed like a witch!

Below are the steps on how you'll tell/show the scene to me:

Picture: Easy, just send me a link of it on the internet! If you can't find it, refer to story.

Video: Give me the link to the video. If the whole video is the scene (please don't let it be too long) then tell me. If a part of the video is the scene, then tell me and give me the time duration (e.g. 3:21 - 3:30 is the scene). If you can't find it, refer to story.

Story: It's either easy or hard depending on what your scene is. If it's a little scene you've made up, then describe to me what it is. However, if it's something you've SEEN, then you must describe specifically. I'm no mind reader even if I try, so if you want your Wublinized scene to be what you saw, you must describe it in a way I will get it and be able to draw it.

I'm like, really bored and tired and I want some things to do when I'm bored or feel up to a challenge, so your request means a lot to me! I may not get to it, but I'll be sure to read it!
  • Listening to: BURNT RICE - Shawn Wasabi (dang it Kiwi I love it)
  • Eating: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Drinking: Nothing :.)

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